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数学所讲座| Restriction of Eigenfunctions to Submanifolds

编辑: 时间: 2020年09月21日 访问次数:0

题目: Restriction of Eigenfunctions to Submanifolds

报告人: 席亚昆 博士 (浙江大学bet体育)

时间: 2020年9月25日上午10:30-11:30

地点: 浙江大学玉泉校区欧阳楼316

Abstract: It is an area of interest in both number theory and harmonic analysis to study various quantitative behaviors of eigenfunctions restricted to certain smooth submanifolds (curves), which include the restricted L^p norms, (generalized) period integrals, inner products, etc. In this talk, I will survey some recent developments in this area.

联系人: 李方.cn

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